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Area Code (NPA) 0114
Full Number 01143072403
International Number +44 01143072403
Country: United Kingdom
City Sheffield

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    Reported Guest,
    Woman rang and asked if I was an old company that I used to have, when I asked who was calling they hung up.


    Reported Guest,
    Man has your name and knows your with talk talk . tell them you need to talk with the policeman that is here right now ... Burrrrrrrrrrrr works


    Reported Guest,
    Unsolicited nuisance sales call.


    Reported Guest,
    I tried calling number back but it asked me to phone a code---
    Needless to say I did not call code!! It was an Indian sounding gentleman and I suspect is a cold caller.


    Reported Guest,
    These have called 3 times in 3 days....... so I Just dialled this number from my land line ...... Accident Claim Experts!!!!!


    Reported Guest,
    auto voice - computer generated?